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A range of unique and possibly interesting ideas about web development. Basically "I think stuff and sometimes I write it down".
  • CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript Applications

    My attempt to modernise some learnings from CSS architecture and apply them in the context of modern JavaScript applications.

  • Git from Beginner to Advanced

    Getting comfortable with Git took me a long time. I thought I'd write a quick guide that assumes no prior knowledge, along with some of my favourite tips and tricks.

  • Getting the heck out of React

    React has limitations when it comes to working with persistent stateful media objects. In this article I discuss techniques for working with media elements like canvas, video and third-party libraries in React.

  • What is this in JavaScript?

    My attempt at a very basic explanation of the 'this' keyword in JavaScript.

  • The Difference Between currentColor & Custom Properties

    There are some interesting differences between how currentColor and custom properties work. Both are examples of dynamic properties in CSS but how they are resolved differs in some very important ways. I recently came across an example of this that had me scratching my head for a while.