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Hi, I'm Mike

I’m a web developer. I make all sorts of stuff for the web. You can find some of my work on CodePen and GitHub. You can talk to me about it on Twitter and you can Hire Me.

Stuff I wrote

  • Getting the heck out of React

    React has limitations when it comes to working with persistent stateful media objects. In this article I discuss techniques for working with media elements like canvas, video and third-party libraries in React.

  • What is this in JavaScript?

    My attempt at a very basic explanation of the 'this' keyword in JavaScript.

  • Difference between currentColor & Custom Properties

    There are some interesting differences between how currentColor and custom properties work.

  • A Strategy Guide To CSS Custom Properties

    Dynamic properties provide opportunities for new creative ideas, but also the potential to add complexity to CSS. To get the most out of them, we might need a strategy for how to write and structure CSS with custom properties.